Brownie Cottage Gooey Brownie With Nutella – Family Love, 180 g


Treat yourself to something wonderfully creamy and fabulously magical, something that we all know as Nutella! Super thick, gooey and fudgy – this brownie with Nutella is our bestseller, a treat full of nostalgia and chocolate! Baked fresh with less than 5% maida, only pure Dark Chocolate, and Amul Butter, and of course the real Nutella – buy this one for a signature Brownie Cottage Experience, India’s only exclusively brownie brand. It is said that there are no secrets in the family, but if we have to pick one – it would be about who finished this Nutella Brownie first! Reminisce and treat everyone with a nostalgic serving of the signature Brownie Cottage Nutella Brownie.



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